6 Card Free Tarot Reading – Wisdom for the month ahead

Six Card Free Tarot Reading – Choose Two Tarot Cards

Your free Tarot reading wisdom for the month ahead. Focus on the six Tarot cards and feel if two of them have a message for you. As usual, it’s great to try and predict what the Tarot card is going to reveal BEFORE you scroll down to read the answer. Use your powerful intuition and sense which card is calling you. What do you want to manifest this month? You are the magician!

Much love

Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

This month you can expect a significant shift. When the Wheel turns, we are cast into a new reality. Even before you arrived here, your plans are being laid down. Trust in the journey. Pay attention to the signs. Write down your dreams and open your heart to the messages being sent.

It may be a huge event or a tiny shift in consciousness, either way, it will help to transform your existence.

Tarot Card Two – 2 of Cups

2 of cups

You’re colliding with soul connections. Love comes in many forms. When we meet a spiritual being that clicks, it empowers our journey. Work with those who have your best interests at heart. Open your heart to new connections. Rekindle and appreciate the love around you. KNOW that you are loved, and that love will find you.

Hang out with those that have similar or inspirational energy. A significant soul is coming your way.

Tarot Card Three – The 6 of Wands

6 of wands

Yes! Victory! You are about to beat the odds and triumph. A battle has been won, and you are victorious! It’s not the end of the story though, there is much more success for you to achieve, but enjoy the moment of glory as others, and the Universe, are cheering you on.

You deserve the recognition coming. Pat yourself on the back and keep going!

Tarot Card Four – The Chariot


When the Chariot gallops into your day, a burst of movement is going to catapult you forward. The Chariot is reminding you that even when life appears out of control, there is usually more going on than meets the eye.

Use the power of your mind, your willpower and your inner wisdom to flow into the slipstream. If you look at the card, there are no reins attached to the Sphinx. That is because the rider becomes one with the dark and the light; they have a magic wand in one hand and an energetic rein in the other. Where you focus your energy, is the direction you will go. Expect a zoom forward.

Tarot Card Five – 5 of Cups

Five of Cups

At the end of last month, you might have been feeling a little disappointed or peedoff with a situation. Fear not; the 5 of Cups tells you not to cry over the spilled milk. All is not lost what remains is stronger than you think. Look behind you, after all the hassle you have sprouted wings and are now ready to fly.

Count your blessings, and more will arrive. The Universe will bring a delivery of fabulous very soon.

Tarot Card Six – The Moon

The Moon

Trust your instincts. The Moon is calling you to tune into your intuition. You’ve had a hunch recently, whispers rising from your inner wise one. There may have been a dream that has an important message for you.

You are naturally psychic, instinctive, and nurturing. Use your psychic ability on yourself. Listen to your Goddess within, as she is a wise old soul. Do you have a feeling about someone in your life that you are ignoring? The Moon tells you that you have the answer already. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down. Honor your emotional needs and allow others to nurture you sometimes. You radiate warmth and love. Protect yourself as you would others!

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