Tarot Quiz – Which Tarot Queen Are You?

Tarot Quiz – Which Tarot Queen Are You?

You may already know that the Queen court cards in the Tarot pack stand for different types of women/people – but do you know which one you are? Traditional Tarot meanings talk about different looks, personalities and astrological star signs for the Queen of each suit. For example, The Queen of Wands represents the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), The Queen of Cups represents the water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio), The Queen of Pentacles represent the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), and The Queen of Swords represent the air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra).

All of that is true, but it is also true to say that even if you are an Aquarius, you might find that you are more like the Queen of Cups than the Queen of Swords. That is because we all have the potential to be every aspect of every woman and at different times move into different parts of our psychic being.

So take the following quiz to find out which Tarot Queen you are today – and how well you know your court cards!

For each question, ring A, B, C or D, then add up how many of each letter you score at the end.

Question one – my friends would say that I am

a) The life and soul of the party – even when there is no party!
b) A really good listener.  Someone you can share your darkest secrets with.
c) Down to earth and reliable.  A friend you can really trust.
d) Smart and funny.  Someone who always knows the right thing to say.

Question two –  my dream holiday would be

a) Somewhere hot where I can pack in as much sun as possible during the day and hit the town at night! For me, it has to involve some kind of adventure!
b) Anything near water where I can really relax – perhaps a week spent on a canal boat drifting through the countryside or a sea side spa where I can enjoy a top to toe pampering!
c) In gorgeous countryside in a place known for its good food and wine.
d) Somewhere I can learn something new – anything from ancient cultures to cheese making.  If I had to lie on a beach all day, I would go crazy with boredom!

Question three – when I was a child, I was

a) Always playing with my friends.
b) Usually off in my own imaginary world.
c) Happiest when I was playing in nature.
d) Very chatty and a fast learner.

Question four – when I am under pressure I

a) Delegate!  I can get a bit bossy, but only because I know what needs to be done!
b) Can get a bit tearful and down if I feel too overwhelmed with all the things I have to get through.
c) Just work calmly until I get through everything that has to be done.
d) Work at a pace not many other people can match!

Question five – I admit it, I can

a) Have a bit of a strop if I feel ignored.
b) Feel resentful if I think others are trying to put on me too much.
c) Get a bit stuck sometimes and find it hard to see other ways of doing things.
d) Lose my temper too often and speak sharply to others.

Question six – my ideal partner

a) Is as fantastic, gorgeous and sexy as me!
b)Is someone who wants to really connect at a soul level and share their innermost thoughts  and dreams.
c) Is reliable, kind and strong.
d) Keeps me endlessly fascinated and entertained.

Question seven – my ideal job would be

a) Working for myself.  I am brilliant at getting things off the ground even if I am not as good at seeing things through!
b) Connected with healing of some kind – or anything where I can make a difference to how people feel.
c) Something in which I can use my skills at organising.  I am not really interested in getting to the top but I get a lot of satisfaction from running things properly.
d) A career where I would get to use my brain.  I have always fancied being a lawyer or a journalist.

Question eight – I am happiest when life is

a) Exciting and on the go.
b) Smooth – with everyone around me happy.
c) Stable and secure.
d) Packed full of challenges – but not emotional dramas!
Question nine –  I like to wear clothes that

a) Are the latest in fashion.  How I look is very important to me.
b) Make me feel sensual and feminine.
c) Are made of gorgeous fabric in rich colours.
d) Need very little attention.  I have better things to focus on!

Question ten – when it comes to others, I most admire

a) People who can hold an audience – singers, actors and even the occasional politician!
b) Those who really make a difference to others without necessarily having to be in the limelight for it.
c) People who are honest, straightforward and genuinely care about what they do.
d) The great thinkers and writers from any era.

Now add up your scores and see which Queen most represents you below!

Mostly A – The Queen of Wands
You are confident, sexy and outgoing – with bags of style to boot!  You are quite capable of taking charge when you have to and can easily handle being the centre of attention.  When people first meet you, they come away thinking what an amazing, bright, bubbly person you are and your love of life makes you very attractive to everyone.

You prefer to keep busy and active and very little gets you down.
When you are not in your power it can manifest in one of two ways – either you can throw your weight around if you think you are not getting enough attention, or you can want to withdraw from the world and hate feeling that you have to permanently put on a show. Either way, when you are off centre everything can get a bit forced.  Your naturally strong and charismatic personality can go overboard and that means you can get a bit too bossy and domineering.

You like to lavish your friends with attention and are brilliant at thinking of little gifts that will make their day.  You are incredibly loyal and would go to the ends of the earth for anyone you love, but partners and potential lovers had better watch out – if you feel that you are not getting the film star treatment you just might throw a few diva tantrums!

Mostly B – The Queen of Cups
You are loving, sensitive and very understanding.  When people first meet you they might not learn much about who you are – but they will feel that they can tell you anything and you could get their entire life story!

You can pick up on emotional undercurrents and are especially switched on when it comes to spotting when people are upset.  At those times, you find it hard not to offer to help, even if you are not asked.  You do let your heart rule your head and want to share the good things of life with everyone.

When you are not in your power you can shut down your heart to keep others at an emotional distance.  You can find that you get really down for no reason that you can understand and have a tendency to get bitter if you do not watch out for  thoughts that can spiral down into negative patterns. You are as capable of losing your temper as anyone else, but because you are normally such a softie it can come out in a huge burst and leave everyone in stunned silence.

As a friend, you will stick with people through tough times long after a point at which many other people would have walked away.  You are a fantastically sensitive and patient partner who asks for much less than she gives.  Relationships work best for you when you feel that you are connecting deeply on every level and any partner of yours had better be prepared to open up and share their innermost thoughts and feelings as you hate skating around the surface!
Mostly C – The Queen of Pentacles

You are very practical and down to earth. You are always ready to give your support wherever it is needed and have the magic touch when it comes to creating a warm, secure environment.  You can tackle almost any problem that life throws at you with a level head and work through things in a thorough and methodical way.  People feel that they can really trust you and that you are always there for them.

When you are not in your power people can sometimes feel that you put too much much pressure on them, even though you just want them to have the best of everything.  If things start to change a bit too fast you can become a bit resistant, and when you shut down it blocks off your imagination and creativity. At heart, you like everything to be stable and perhaps a bit too predictable and that can mean you get a bit thrown if things get too wild for your tastes!

You are a friend for life and love being there through thick and thin for your mates.  When it comes to romance, you are more of a swan than a player – you are looking for someone to settle down and grow old with rather than drama and excitement and, even though you definitely have a strong sensual side, if that means you miss out on passion, you are quite prepared to make that sacrifice for stability.
Mostly D – The Queen of Swords

Independent, fast thinking and quick witted, you are more than ready to take action when you need to but you like to tackle things with all of the facts at your fingertips.  Fearless when it comes to sizing up situations, you can get to the bottom of any hidden power plays going on around you. A wonder with words, you are fantastically witty and people always come away dazzled by your intellectual brilliance.  You are more than ready to laugh at yourself as much as anything else.

When you are not in your power, you can come across as just a bit distant and sometimes even cold.  Even though you are great at solving problems, you can leave out the human touch and tend to rely more on taking action rather than offering sympathy.  You can be a bit of a snoop and again, when you are not in your power, you are quite prepared to do a bit of spying and skulduggery if you feel they are necessary! You can lose your temper too easily and then use your brilliance with words to hurt rather than heal.

You can always make your friends laugh and are more than ready to help them solve any problem they are facing – as long as they solve the problem!  Woe betide anyone who comes to you for tea and sympathy once too often about the same thing.  You believe in taking action head on to tackle difficult situations and do not understand it when you see others apparently rolling around in unhappiness without doing anything about it.  When it comes to love, you want to be equal with your partner and will kick against being expected to play second fiddle.  Any partner or lover needs to be as quick witted as you or you will become bored. For you, foreplay starts in the head and any potential partner or long term lover has to keep you mentally stimulated!
Connect with the Queens!

Here is how to connect with the energy of all of the Queens:

To connect with the Queen of Wands – light your fire energy by doing something adventurous that is maybe out of your normal comfort zone!  Take singing or dancing lessons or sign up for an evening course in stand-up comedy. Plan a trip somewhere you have never been.

To connect with the Queen of Cups – go with the flow!  Hang out near water – be it a still lake or a roaring river.  If all else fails, buy a CD of sea sounds and have it playing as you fall asleep at night.  Take time to breathe and allow yourself to feel all of your emotions.

To connect with the Queen of Pentacles – Do something creative with tangible results.  Spend an afternoon gardening or cooking. Take a course in pottery or painting. Think about ways you can transform your finance.

To connect with the Queen of Swords – Challenge yourself to learn something new and get your brain working!  Start a book club with your friends, pick a book and discuss the ideas it sparks.

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