Your 3 Card Tarot Reading – Choose A Tarot Card

3 card backs

Your 3 Card Tarot Reading – Choose A Tarot Card

Hello, Divine one,

How are you doing? Are you trusting your intuition right now? Do you know how powerful your inner wise one is? When we honour our knowledge and trust our wisdom, our life opens up. 

Look at the backs of the three Tarot cards and use intuition to see if one is for you.

Sending so much love to you


3 card backs


Tarot Card One – 3 of Cups

3 of cups

It’s time to celebrate life with your intimate bff’s. To cackle, carouse, and whisper secrets.

 Who we mix with has a profound impact on our energy. The Universe will always gather together those that vibrate on the same wavelength. Treasure your sacred friendships, as they are as essential to us as air, water, earth, and fire. 

Our friendships sustain us. They energise us and give us flecks of unconditional love (oh, and possibly occasional drama). Grab the ones with the wild hearts, the loving ones, the ones with a generosity of spirit, and cheer each other on.

NB: Don’t be scared to dump toxic friends and embrace the right ones for you. Letting go makes room for the cosmos to enchant you with new dazzling souls.

Tarot Card Two – The Sun

the sun

The Sun is warming, empowering, and recharging you. Feel the unconditional love radiating in your heart. It’s your time for happiness and joy now. There’s a sense of playfulness coming in.

Do you allow yourself space to be silly? Time to put technology down and run about like a kid again! Make time to have fun. Fun is a miracle worker at clearing blocks and rebooting our heart chakra.

The Sun is urging you to hang out with, be playful with, souls that make you laugh. Happiness is coming your way as the Cosmos switches the light in your heart.

Tarot Card Three – The Empress


The Empress. Feel your creativity vibrating today. The Empress doesn’t have to rush around like a panther on a 6k. The Empress is always dreaming up ideas, and they are grounded enough to give birth to them. 

Mother yourself today. Embrace your sensuality. Wander in nature and feast on life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, seek out the Empresses you bond with for a hug and nurture boost. 

 Celebrate the magnificent wonder of you. You are enough

knight waite tarot

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