Free Psychic Tarot Reading – Current Situation

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Use your psychic superpowers to choose one of the five Tarot cards. Listen to my video to help you choose the right Tarot card for you.

Much love


Tarot Card 1 -The Four of Pentacles – Blocking

Darling One,

You have been through a tough time and may have a fear which is blocking your flow. When we hold on too tightly we may feel like we are protecting ourselves but this can stop us from receiving. Is it time to open up again? Listen to my video for on how to get your energy moving.

Tarot card 2 – The 9 of Cups

The 9 of cups is a fabulous card! Expect a wish, a desire, or a longing to come true. Play the video below to hear more.

Tarot Card 3 – The 6 of Wands – WINNING!

Holy great Goddesses, You may have been feeling under siege! There have been pressures and stresses around you. However, guess what? You are winning! You are on the top of the hill fighting back. you are on the high ground and on the brink of victory, keep going! Listen to your video for more.

Tarot Card 4 – Justice

When we feel that there has been an injustice it can be very disempowering. The Justice card tells you that your power is returning, that the Universe is watching. If you are waiting for a contract or need to make a decision Justice brings the answer. Listen to your video below for more details.


Tarot card 5 – Judgement

An awakening is coming. Your energy is moving to the next level. The time has come to walk down a different path. You have arrived at a crossroads and no matter what smoke and mirrors others cast before you, you now KNOW the road forward.

When we see the truth, there is no going back. It’s time to rise, rise, to your magnificence, rise to your wisdom, and rise towards your chosen destiny.


knight waite tarot

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