Your Free Tarot Reading – Change Direction Reading

tarot card reading pick a card

Your Free Tarot Reading – Change Direction Reading

Open Up to Cosmic Change! Pick a New Direction.

Feeling stuck? Blocked? In a rut? Is nothing going your way no matter what you do or how hard you try? Or are you unsure about what you need to do to move forward and kickstart your life again? This escape route interactive reading has been designed to show you where you need to focus your energy for positive change and what you need to let go of to step free of whatever is holding you back.

So, hold on to your desire for a new beginnings, set your intention and see which of the cards below calls to you. Then scroll down to discover which direction to take!

tarot card reading pick a card

Tarot Card 1 – Four of Pentacles

4 of pentacles

You’ve achieved so much in the past. But does it still hold the meaning for you it once did? If you’ve been drawn to the 1 card, is it saying that your heart simply isn’t in it anymore? You can no longer fake it.

You have to be true to your desires. As we change, our goals evolve. What we wanted in the past no longer calls the way it did. Or we achieve it but then wonder where the passion has gone? You need a new star to aim for – higher than before. And you need to let go and let flow.

This isn’t a loss. It’s a new beginning. So, don’t hang on any more. You already know what needs to be released. Do it – and watch passion return and the new flood in.

Tarot Card 2 – The Fool

The Fool

Hey, soul voyager! What’s holding you back from taking that first step? Because this card is telling you that you know what you need to do or what you want, but you are hesitating. Chances are having what you want or the next stage of your journey involves leaving what you know behind. You’re going to have to step out of that comfort zone if you want that positive change or to reach that goal.

So, your goal may be as simple as just wanting to be happy. You may be facing a stay or go situation or mixed emotions regarding a relationship or situation. Or are you worried what other people may think?

Breathe. Centre yourself. Know the answer and then move to the edge. Step off. See the changes you set in motion as playing with potential. It’s not scary. Know you’ve now entered unexplored territory – where the magic happens!

PS: If you’ve picked The Fool today, meditate on the flowers and crystals that surround this card. The flowers represent your heart opening to new possibilities. The crystals tell you ‘You are safe’

Tarot Card 3 – The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

Wow! Open up to possibilities! You are so ready for what life wants to send you next. You’re tired of spinning those wheels or being confined by restrictions. The Wheel literally tells you that life is turning in your direction again and to be ready. A situation is about to lift you out of that rut or a much needed new element is about to arrive. You’ve done the work leading up to this.

Whatever no longer works for you in your life – you love life, where you live, your job, social life or your career – you’ll be offered an opportunity to change this for the better. You need to know this is in invitation. You don’t have to accept it. But you’re so ready you already know – you’re all in now. This is already in motion. Be ready to say ‘Yes’.

Tarot Card 4 – Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

So, time to work that mojo like a boss! If you’re feeling stuck or that nothing you do is working, this card is asking you to reclaim that power. The Queen of Wands represents someone who is literally the boss of themselves, no matter their gender. They are front of house, unafraid to be noticed, express themselves and shine. No matter what area they operate in they want to be Number One. And in a relationship, it’s the same.

They would not be drawn into a triangle situation or made to feel they had to compete for someone’s attention. They own it – and they know it. So, my question is, are you? Often when we are drawn to this card, someone crosses our path who embodies all these qualities. Don’t worry – they are designed to stand out – you can’t miss them.

In conclusion, if you encounter them, know that your key to change is to look at how they reflect back at you the same qualities that you are hiding within. Time to showcase these now. And stand out from the crowd.

Tarot card five – The World

the world

Magnificent Soul, You are soaring towards a peak experience. Your spirit is expanding as you enter the next intoxicating chapter. 

You are rising, expect a peak experience. There’s a moment of quartz crystal clarity as you see how to achieve victory over any problems.

You’re arriving at a successful conclusion. Yes, your journey may have been tough but you’ve put in the work and earned it. Yes, there may have been dastardly lessons along the way, they might have knocked you down, but you’ve made it! Your change is a brand new world, what does it look like?

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