Your Intuition Doesn’t Lie – How to Spot a liar

Our psychic and astrologer Helen reveals ways to spot a liar.

Chances are your intuition is spot-on when you get that feeling someone is telling you a porkie. There’s that uneasy inner feeling that things somehow just don’t add up. Usually this is because what the person is saying to us and their body language is at odds and they are sending us mixed signals. Our intuition then kicks in as it is usually far more observant than we are in reading contrary messages. Psychologists tell us that 93% of all communication is non-verbal! So, if your intuition is saying that someone isn’t being straight with you, what are the other signs to look for that backs this up?

  • Truth tellers go straight to the point. If you are being given a long-winded explanation with lots of detours and prattle but little specific details or facts this could indicate the person is trying to deflect your attention from the truth
  • Liars tend to fall back on denial as in ‘I wasn’t cheating’ as opposed to statements like ‘I’m in a relationship with you, not anyone else’.
  • Liars put things back on you – ‘You’re paranoid’, ‘You know how you always react’, ‘This is the reason I didn’t tell you this’
  • Liars will try to deflect you or change the subject. Watch out for statements such as ‘You know how it is with my work’ or ‘I’ve had a hard day and now you’re interrogating me’
  • General terms are another heads-up the truth may be getting stretched – buzz words to watch out for are ‘always’. ‘never’, ‘everyone’ and ‘nobody’
  • If someone isn’t telling the truth they are thinking of ways to disguise it. This means they have to come up with a plausible-sounding excuse which takes time. If someone starts speaking more slowly or takes longer than usual to reply this is another sign they may not be telling you the truth
  • Not telling you something you need to or are entitled to know is the same as lying despite what the other party may claim
  • Despite what you may think, when someone is lying to you they may make eye contact – liars do not always avoid meeting your gaze but they may give themselves away by coming across as restless, nervous, twitchy or start fiddling with something, so pay attention to the rest of their body language

The fact is, none of us like being lied to. When we find out we have been this makes us feel gullible, stupid and insecure as trust in the other person is destroyed. Follow up on your intuition with these tips and above all, if you know you are being lied to, try to be as non-confrontational as possible in your responses – although this can be hard. Statements such as ‘ I always give you the courtesy of telling you the truth and all I ask is the same in return’ or ‘I don’t know why you feel I cannot handle the non-edited version of events’ may serve you better than out and out statements such as ‘You’re a liar!’. Unfortunately, liar’s pants are rarely on fire so let your intuition guide you when it comes to discovering the truth.

Love Helen

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