Psychic Intuition & Interference: The Difference

How to tell the difference between psychic intuition and interference

We all have psychic intuition that we can call on to guide us on our soul’s journey through life. But a lot of people say that they get confused between what is a psychic or intuitive hit and what’s something that I call interference.

Here’s what it looks like.  You walk into a room full of people.  Some you know, some you don’t.  One person in particular draws your attention.   You notice that they notice you too.  They smile.

Almost instantaneously, you get two very strong ‘hits’.  One urges you to go over and say hello.  The other one says, ‘Don’t!’

Which is which?

The trouble is, how do you know which one is your intuition talking, and which one is interference?

Is your intuition pushing you to go and say hello as it’s trying to steer you towards an encounter that could really open up the next chapter in your soul’s journey; but old patterns of low self worth are trying to interfere by shouting ‘Don’t!’?

Or are you being drawn to that person because they are a perfect template of what you’ve encountered in previous unhealthy friendships or relationships; and you are actually teetering on the edge of repeating a pattern?  In this case, is your intuition stepping in and shouting ‘Don’t!’ to try and save you from another dose of pain?


One big clue is to do with novelty. If it’s not your normal style to waltz over to people you don’t know and the person you’re drawn to is nothing like anyone you’ve known before, it’s most likely your intuition urging you over.  But if you make a habit of hurling yourself at strangers and getting hurt, or the person bears an uncanny resemblance to an ex who treated you appallingly, it’s your intuition that’s waving a huge red flag.

Our intuition is very much tied with synchronicity; or seemingly chance events that are actually the result of twitches on the cosmic web that links us all.

When we get in the flow of magic and the synchronicities start to happen, that’s when our own psychic intuition starts to really sing and we find ourselves saying things like, or ‘I usually read my book on the train but there was something about this woman that made me get talking with her and it turned out she works for the company I’ve just applied to’ or ‘I always leave the office at half past six and drive home but a voice in my head said, stop and have a cup of tea, so I did and I was shocked to discover that there’d been an accident on the motorway that I’d have been mixed up in if I’d left at my usual time’

Confidence in your intuition

Our psychic intuition actually shakes us out of patterns and wakes us up to the possibilities within any one moment.  Over time, as you tune in more and more, you’ll become more confident at working out what’s coming in from your psychic antennae.  More than anything, I would say that when you act on your intuition and it turns out to be right, it gives you a real sense of your connection to the whole and a feeling of being at the right place at the right time in your own life.  It’s actually a major reassurance that you really are a powerful magician.

Loads of love,

Michele x


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