One Easy Step to Boost your Psychic Powers and Your Creativity!

We’re all psychic whether we realise it or not. And we’re all creative as well – again whether we think of ourselves as ‘creative’. The head of experience design at Adobe. Michael Gough is one of those people who also believes we are all creative. At the TED conference in Vancouver recently where Adobe was launching their first venture into hardware (a stylus and ruler which will allow you to draw on your iPad), he said he believes that drawing and creativity should not just be seen as something that is reserved for those who are deemed ‘creative’; but a skill seen as the same as reading – something to be taught to everyone.

Psychic Powers and Creativity

Creativity and our psychic abilities are intrinsically linked. Start working with one and the other will automatically follow. This simple exercise will start to put you back in touch with your creativity. It will boost your creative output; and what’s more – increase your psychic abilities and charge up your goal progress as well – bonus! We’re all extremely fortunate in that we have at our disposal so many creative tools. You can add your phone, your tablet, your computer to the traditional repertoire of paper, canvas, paint, ink and collage.

How you choose to capture and work is going to be entirely up to you. But before embarking on this exercise please let go of any judgements or criticism about the ‘quality’ of your work! For one thing – it’s all subjective anyway. And if it makes you feel better you don’t have to show what you are doing to anyone if you don’t want to!

Your creative brief

So, here comes your creative brief and it’s going to be a broad one. You are going to capture or copy in any way that feels right for you images, words or even music that excites you. Perhaps you would like to grab pictures and videos with your phone; and upload them all to your tablet or a file on your computer. Perhaps words are your thing. Maybe you’d like to try turning them into word clouds (Here is a fabulous site which does this for you). You can then print them out if you want and make a collage. You don’t have to draw or put pen to paper to create something.

Perhaps you would enjoy a more traditional approach and that is collecting images from magazines or printing them out and sticking them on a corkboard. They can be representations of your goals or just images of things you find interesting, unusual, inspiring or beautiful. This can be anything – a landscape, an animal, a swatch of fabric, an ad you find interesting, a photo of a house you’d like to live in or a place you’d like to visit. Stick them in a scrapbook if you want. The only limitations are your own imagination and the only mandatory is that you collect them in a way they are all brought together in some way – either in a file, a book or displayed on a mounting board or similar.

Add to your creation

Add to your creation and look at it as often as you can and as you spend more time doing this and looking at what you are creating you will notice as time goes by a funny thing happening. Strange synchronicities will occur as many of the images will turn out to not only be reflections of what is happening in your life but may in fact be predictors of people and events coming in. If you are faced with a situation that requires insight you may discover upon going through what you have created that the answer is in one of your images or words.

This is because our creativity literally does tap us into the wisdom of our higher selves – which knows not only what is going to happen, but has the answers ready for us. So, unleash your creativity in whatever form it takes and tap into a resource you never realised you had. It’s not called ‘

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