The Solar Plexus Chakra: Identity, Power & Fear

Just below the heart and above the belly lies the third Chakra.  This centre is linked with our sense of self, or the ego, and is also connected to both power and fear.

When this chakra is in balance it gives us energy for life itself.  We have a strong sense of who we are and our worth.  We can handle life’s setbacks and face each challenge as it comes.  When it gets out of whack, we can develop a craving for power that turns us into a tyrant, believe that we are omnipotent or fall into megalomania.  At the other end of the scale, we can collapse under the belief that we don’t matter and that we can do nothing to affect our circumstances.  

Other people may try and take our power, but we can also willingly hand it over, putting them in charge of defining who we are, our worth, what’s good for us, our reality or what we should do.  We can also be afraid of our power and do anything we can to disassociate with it.  We can abandon ourselves out of fear so that we lose that connection with what makes us unique. 

Having a healthy sense of power comes from our connection to all that is and the divine spark that we hold within us.  We are born with our connection to the whole intact, but through the process of growing up we must learn how to balance our power with the demands made on us from others and from the society in which we live. 

Connecting with our third chakra

Imagine a beautiful yellow light bathing the area with its bright warm.  Citrine crystal is said to be energise and balance this area and tiger’s eye is believed to activate and stimulate it.

Understand that you are here to express your unique self.  All of the experiences that you encounter through life can help you understand who you are, get clear on what you want and discover what you don’t want. 

Everyone changes over time.   Check in with yourself regularly.   Are you working towards goals, desires or dreams that suit the evolving you, or losing enthusiasm by trying to inspire yourself with something that no longer suits you, or that you decided on in order to please someone else?

Every day, do something just for you.  Even if it’s just buying your favourite scented soap to use in the shower or making sure that you sit down to one proper meal per day, nourish your self by being as thoughtful with you as you would your best friend.  Life can be really demanding and as we grow up and take on more responsibilities we can feel pulled in seven different directions all at once.  That’s when it becomes easy to lose contact with what makes us unique and individual.  It might sound small, but remembering what you like, what you prefer, and what makes you happy is a good way to remind yourself that you count by giving yourself something in line with what you love.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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