Improve Your Reading Skills and Find the Key to Soul Discovery

Tarot and You

Improve Your Reading Skills and Find the Key to Soul Discovery

I’m always saying that the Tarot is more than just a way to look at the future but is also an invaluable soul-development tool.

Many of the techniques that I share with you are not just designed to help you improve your Tarot interpretation skills but are also designed to help you gain greater insight into yourself and your unique soul gifts and purpose. Remember – by better understanding ourselves we arrive at the place where we can better understand others and this can not only help with our Tarot reading abilities but in every other area of our lives.

The exercise

This next exercise is no exception. It utilises just the Major Arcana cards so first separate these out from your Tarot deck. Now shuffle them and lay them out FACE UP in front of you. Lay them out just as they come out – in no particular order. Take a moment to look at all the cards one by one and take note of the feelings they arouse in you. When you have looked at every one, then select the one that you like the most on a gut level.

Let go of its actual meaning – this is all about your instinct and insight. Put this card face up and to one side. Now, re-examine the cards again. Which one invokes a dislike or negative response in you, like fear, loss or sadness? Again, set aside the usual interpretation of this card and put it next to the one you like most but with a space in between.

Take a moment

Take a moment to sit with both cards. How do they relate to or reflect you personally or what is going on in your life? Now, go back to the rest of the cards. Based on the two (positive and negative) you have chosen, which remaining card represents a bridge or a transition between the two? Put this card in the space in the middle.

The first card represents you and the positive way in which you perceive yourself and what’s going on in your life. The second card you chose represents your ‘shadow’ – the part of your personality with which you may be uncomfortable or things in your life you feel powerless to change. You may not want to acknowledge these but nevertheless, they have to be dealt with for you to progress.

The third (middle) card represents the key to integrating these two sides of your personality and your soul journey – what you need to do or what qualities or strategies you need to adopt in order to free yourself of limitations and blockages to your growth.


Once you have chosen your three cards you can then refer to the traditional interpretation of them in order to discover what you need to do next. However, don’t forget the most important thing of all when reading for yourself or anyone else is to tune into the soul messages you have receiving from your intuition rather than just relying purely on traditional interpretations.

Your higher self knows better than anyone what you need to do to evolve. The Tarot however, provides us with the key to unlock the innermost secrets of our soul and lead us on the path of our true soul expression.

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