What’s My Next Step? How Tarot Can Guide Your On Your Path

What’s My Next Step? How Tarot Can Guide Your On Your Path

There’s no doubt that Tarot cards are a powerful tool for gaining insight into a particular situation – especially in the hands of a gifted reader. And most of us have been in a situation where we have needed the skills of someone who is impartial and who can provide us with clarity via a Tarot reading.

What we mustn’t forget however is that the Tarot is far more than a divination tool for just answering questions. Also, we should not to ignore our own intuition when it comes to seeking solutions or making changes in our lives. People forget that the great thing about the Tarot is that it doesn’t require you to have any special skills or training to start using it. The Tarot or for that matter, any type of divination cards such as Angel or Animal Oracle cards, are merely tools which you can use to access the wisdom of your higher self. They merely bring to the surface the knowledge you already have within you.

Buy yourself a deck

If you’re a complete Tarot beginner then the first thing to do is go out and buy yourself a deck. There are an amazing variety of decks out there. Some are based on the original Rider-Waite Tarot while others bear no resemblance to the original Tarot whatsoever. There used to be a rule when learning to use the Tarot that beginners should start with the Rider-Waite deck and then move on to one of the modern interpretations. However, I don’t think this is necessary. What is important however is that you find a deck with artwork you like that ‘speaks’ to you on some level.

Again, it does not have to be a traditional Tarot deck. If you find that an Angel or Oracle deck resonates with you more than any of the Tarot decks you have seen then that is the right deck for you. There are Tarot decks for almost every area of interest – there are rock tarot decks, pagan tarot decks, dream tarot decks, Jane Austen tarot decks and yes, for all you Twilight fans out there – there is even a Twilight tarot deck!

The important thing however is to take your time choosing. You can find nearly all the Tarot decks that are available on aeclectic.net where they display the artwork for each deck. Most spiritual shops also have a display of the cards they stock so you can view the cards and see which is right for you. A word of warning however – collecting Tarot decks is addictive!

Energise your cards

Once you have your deck it’s important to energise your cards before you begin working with them. You can do this simply by starting to handle your cards. Take them out of their wrapper and then look at them all one-by-one. Enjoy the images and if any impressions start coming through then file them away for future reference. When you are ready you can start to shuffle your cards and think about a current situation or question as you do. When you ‘feel’ you have shuffled the cards for long enough you can cut them into three piles with your left hand (the hand of fate).

Interpreting the cards

Now turn over the top card on the first pile. This represents your situation or question right now. Look at the card closely. Pick it up if you like. What is it telling you about your query? Is the card predominately light or dark? And is it a Major arcane card or a minor one? Is it a court card and features a person? If so, do you know this person or does it represent you? What is happening in the card? Allow impressions and messages from your higher self to form. Write them down and don’t worry if what you are being told doesn’t fit with the traditional interpretation of the card.

This is all about you accessing your inner wisdom. Any experienced Tarot reader will tell you they often set aside the traditional interpretation of a card in favour of a message from their guides or higher self so go with your feelings.

The second card

When you’re ready set aside your first card and turn over the top card on the second pile. This card represents what you need to know or action you need to take with regards to your situation or what you may be unaware of. Follow the same process again.

The third card

Finally turn over the top card on the third pile. This card is your outcome card – the climax of your question or situation and what will eventuate if you continue down this path. Try to disengage emotionally from the outcome and see it as information only. Knowledge is power. Don’t forget – if you don’t like the outcome you can now use this knowledge to ask a different question – what you now need to do to change it.

Keep a record

To start with don’t be tempted to use more than three cards. In fact, many people find that sometimes just working with one card can give them all the insight they need. Keep a record of the information you receive and you will be able to see how correctly you have been able to interpret the messages that come through. Our higher self is always in communication with us but like any skill it takes practice to interpret its messages correctly.

If you are unsure or just need some validation you are on the right track our experienced readers are always here to provide you with additional guidance.

Once we let go of the idea that the Tarot is just for answering specific questions, we can use it to find solutions to problems, think creatively and connect with our higher selves, guides, angels, unconscious mind, or whatever you want to call it.

The Tarot brings us the opportunity to know what we need to do in order to fulfil our soul purpose here on Earth. All you need to know is already contained within you. The Tarot is the key which unlocks the door.

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