4 Soul Hacks To Mend A Broken Heart

Love is the greatest soul lesson. We learn powerful lessons from each person we meet and especially those we love. Sometimes love lessons are incredibly painful but they pave the way to a greater future. Hold in your heart that there is someone just right for you. A relationship, possibly even better than you can conceptualise. Look at what this current situation is teaching you, could the lesson be to love yourself more?


2 When feeling lost in heartache ‘This too shall pass’  is a great mantra. Always remember that  everything in life turns, even a broken heart. If you look back to the past, to past hurts and past loves, it becomes clear that these things do not have the impact they once did. Whatever situation you are in, this current pain will also fade. Time will deliver the healing you need.


3. The soulmate illusion.The term soulmate can be very destructive as we can get caught up thinking there is only one person for us and if we loose them we will have a lifetime of loneliness. This is the biggest illusion of them all. There are billions of people on the planet. Right now there are a whole host of gorgeous, beautiful souls longing to find someone like you! This includes people you have loved in past lives just as intensely as the love, you feel now.


4. KNOW you are lovable. Just because you aren’t the right fit for someone does not mean you will not find the perfect fit for you. Comfort and support yourself with every thought. Guard your thoughts and steer them towards loving kindness for yourself. Read and watch inspiring films, take yourself for a walk in nature and nurture your soul.

Read ‘ The Mastery Of Love’  A practical guide to the art of relationships. Don Miguel Ruiz

A fantastic book which is very easy to read and incredibly powerful.


Watch Serendipity  A wonderful movie all about how love can find you against all the odds.


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