Psychic reader Linda Anne

 Michele says

Linda combines natural clairvoyance with Tarot.  All of our testers absolutely loved her warm personality and said that she was bang on with the details that she picked up about their lives, to the point of saying to one tester who is in the middle of moving house that she could see all her stuff in boxes everywhere!  When it came to her reading with me, she was not afraid to give me a push to get on with a few projects in the pipeline that I’ve been neglecting! She really is straight to the point in the way that I know you love and comes with bags of compassion to boot.

What people say

  • “She’s lovely! What a warm spirit, she made me giggle and she was absolutely spot on and tuned in to who I am and what I am about, I thoroughly recommend, she’s wonderful.”

    - Written by Claire

  • “Linda Anne was so incredible – it was as though she were reading my soul and psyche and my friend’s soul/psyche in the deepest and most simplified way that everything else fell away and the core issue revealed. She really had my friend in full. Just from the sound of … read more

    - Written by Rose

  • “I had a most wonderful experience with Linda Ann this evening. I’ve been so discombobulated with so much change, so much in the air and to be honest, not seeing any clarity in what to do next. I decided on my first Sunday not at work in a really long … read more

    - Written by Susan