Testimonial for Jonathan by Anon - August 23, 2017

“I had a few readings with him and he has always connected so well with me and the situation. He give me great insight into a situation with an ex and he has correctly described the situation. I am so excited for his predictions to unfold. Also, I was really struggling to find the right property for me and I asked for Jonathan’s guidance. He mentioned the significance of a triangle, which at first didn’t make any sense to me. Only to realise a few days later the company’s logo who advertised one of the properties (which I dismissed) was a triangle and they contacted a few days later to see if I am still interested. Needless to say I followed it up and I can happily say I found the perfect home for me. Thank you Jonathan. I love his uplifting charisma, positive energy, he is also ever so kind, always a joy to speak with him. I sometimes call just to give him feedback. Thank you Jonathan for your great help. I want you to know you how absolutely incredible you are. Your gift is a real asset to so many people’s lives. Much Love.”