Testimonial for Arya by Charlotte - November 28, 2022

“Arya is phenomenal. I have spoken to many physics over the years and I have to say Arya is my go to and here’s why: she is incredibly accurate and time and time again her predictions have come true, not only that she picks up on a deep level of details and energy around situations that allows you to work through specific issues. During my calls I often get goosebumps and am blown away time and time again by her level of accuracy. Arya is also very practical and I often leave the calls with little snippets of information or helpful suggestions that have been relevant to our discussion, like a certain book or film that comes to her – I will then reference it and it raises some deep insight for me. A very special lady who is deeply authentic and who I think anyone who has to pleasure to connect with her should treasure. One of a kind.”