Testimonial for Arya by Debs - January 11, 2024

I just wanted to write a review for Arya, who is AMAZING!

I saw the monthly discount code on Michele FB page (who I follow) and decided to call straight away!

The lady answering the call was lovely and helpful and I chose to speak to Arya. Not only is Arya really easy to connect with, but communication felt open and natural and she really was great to listen to and talk with.

My questions were around abundance, career, and employment and Arya was “spot on” when talking about specific dates and elements of some of the projects that my partner and I have been looking at.

I can’t recommend Arya enough. When I call in the future I will ask for her again and again.

Thanks so much for the positive vibes, the good advice and the information coming through. A really positive and worthwhile call. 10 out of 10.