“Brilliant… Michelle (2185) has a most fantastic ability to give VERY detailed readings. She immediately picked up on the loss of my father and the events following this, without any prompting. Our family are currently in great stress and she was able to talk about the options that that will present themselves in the future. She has such a calm and clear way of explaining things.”

“To say Michele was amazing would be an understatement. Michele does not only give you the situation, but the analysis and the resolution. She is incredibly honest and seems to describe people exceptionally! Michele’s approach is very balanced which I feel is important, and her interpretations are unique. Such a gifted lady. Definitely worth the wait.

“Just had a reading with Michelle, on April 8, 12. Wow! She is one of the best readers I have ever had. She knew my whole situation without me saying a word, picked up on the occupation and star sign of the man I was asking about, was totally tuned in and gave me lots of confidence and feel-good factor. She also has a very kind, warm, understanding and intelligent way about her. 10/10 and I will definitely call her again.”

“She asked my name and what I wanted to look at and that was it, to say the information just flowed is an understatement! The details were incredible. All your readers are amazing but she had me gobsmacked by the end of my reading.”