Psychic reader Sadie

 Michele says

Sadie is exactly what you expect from Michele Knight Psychics. She is a brilliant psychic and astonishing medium. She has had her ability all her life, is emotionally intelligent and incredibly specific. As a result, she’s constantly in demand but is absolutely and one hundred per cent worth waiting for!

What people say

  • “Sadie, OMG! She told me the date of my job application, a specific line in my CV. The interview date, the exact name where I would be getting a job offer, the name of the street and postal address. Names, dates and addresses. I said long a time ago that … read more

    - Written by Annalilly

  • “I was lucky enough to have a reading with Sadie this morning. And WOW!! Thank you so much for such a fabtastic reading and I would recommend her to anyone who would like an honest and really caring reading!”

    - Written by Yukari

  • “Having a reading with Sadie left me speecless. She is absolutely amazing! It was like she could see into my head and heart, without asking any questions. I look forward to speaking to her again. Thank you so much!”

    - Written by Rupa

  • “Sadie is fantastic and my inspiration. She has an amazing gift and her connection with me is beyond belief. She is helping me change my life and I’m now finding the strength to actually do it. She is worth her weight in gold.”

    - Written by Sally

  • “Had a reading with the wonderful Sadie, all i can say is WOW, she really blew me away. For people who havent managed to get her, please keep trying as the wait will be definitly worth it. She’s fab.”

    - Written by Georgina

  • “Huge thanks to Sadie. She’s beyond to compare. I had two readings with this beautiful lady and it took my breath away. I have tried other readers and never been disappointed yet. Love Sadie, God bless!”

    - Written by A

  • “Sadie is amazing. I am amazed by the way she just knew things about me and the confident positive manner she was talking. I want to bless her and sent her lots of positive light and love. I would definitely call her again.”

    - Written by M

  • “I received the best psychic reading I’ve ever had from Sadie .. the details she went into was truly amazing….I would highly recommend her to all.”

    - Written by Diane