Your Free Tarot Reading – What Is Awakening within you?

What Is Awakening within you? – Your Free Tarot Reading

Hello Glorious Spirit,

The Tarot is such an incredible healing tool. There is no end to the wisdom and KICK ASS guidance the Tarot reveals. In my own life, the Tarot has been an essential companion. I have received the tough love of the Tarot,  been given sweet hope and incredible accurate psychic answers.

I’ve always found it honest, raw and enlightening. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without it, Tarot cards have been my constant companion and dear friend which is why I love to share it.

One of the joys of reading is that it is multilayered. Have a look at the 5 Tarot cards and use your psychic intuition to feel if one is meant for you. Before you scroll down for your answer tune into what you feel the message is.

Sending love
Michele x

Tarot Card One – 9 of Wands

Darling Soul

You awaken to openness.

If you chose the 9 of wands you may have been through the wars and suffered energetic blows. You’ve fought for yourself and probably for others. Perhaps you fell deep into the swamp of inner conflict and are now a Goddess of self-protection?

You’re a survivor and stronger than anyone could know. Right now is a time to reflect on your defences and your wounds. Is the energy war long gone and yet you still anticipate danger? Are you blocking others out or overreacting because of the past?

10 is the number of completion and so the 9 of wands reveals that the battle is nearly won, and now is the time to plan the future. A future where you feel safe to express your vulnerability, a future where you can frolic free. You have done well and the rewards should be abundant.

Tarot Card Two – The Empress

You awaken your power and creativity

The Empress is urging you to examine and embrace, ground and live in your creative centre. The Empress rules sensuality, magnetism, nurturing and giving birth to ideas, energy, babies, wild things. She is at peace with her power, she is open, warm-hearted and confident. The Empress knows who she is and is comfortable in her own power.

What feelings does the Empress bring up in you? Do you feel that you embody these qualities or that you can step into this vibe? Are you flowing in your being? The Empress is reminding you that you too are a creator.

Tarot Card Three – The Hanged Man

You awaken to dancing in the in-between times

You might feel as if you are in limbo at this time. How patient are you? Being in Limbo can test our faith, being in limbo can stoke our frustration. If there is a specific situation/person/answer you are waiting for it may be time to let go.

Everything you seek is going on under the surface and will reveal itself in good time. You are walking in the magical inbetween time, a place of potent magic. Use this time to play, do joyful things that delight and inspire you. Point your energy in a new direction. Do you need to examine and heal your relationship to waiting? Does waiting feel like a rejection?

When we look at the Hanged Man we see a meditative pose. It’s suggested that The Hanged Man is the Norse God Odin hanging from the tree of life. You may feel that you have to sacrifice something to gain a deeper treasure. What you seek will come in the fullness of time but trust the cosmos, what is delivered may not be exactly what you think but is likely to be exactly what you need.

Tarot Card Four – The High Priestess

You awaken your psychic wisdom

Deep, Deep Soul,

Your intuition is rising. Your knowledge is vast, billowing in front of you in large font. Are you listening? Are you allowing yourself to trust in the unseen? You have reached a point of power and your unconscious is giving up her jewels. Listen closely to your dreams, to synchronicity, and to all of your gut feelings.

The Crescent Moon at her feet says the wisdom of the Moon grounds you and gives you answers. The Moon can help you step into your unique rhythm. The Moon is an empowering instrument in your magical toolbox. It’s time to acknowledge your own magnificence, to explore, swim and plunge into the divine mysteries.

Tarot Card Five – The Wheel of Fortune

You awaken your trust in your path and soul journey

Be watchful incredible one, An extraordinary situation has just happened or is about to. The Wheel of Fortune whirls us into a time of soul growth, life is moving in a brand-new direction.

There are encounters, characters, partners and experiences that are meant to be, they are intertwined with our free will. Of course, we get to choose how we react to these situations, we are responsible for disentangling these fated events and using them for our spiritual evolution.

Your cycle is turning, your energy shifting. A twist of fate is on the way to catapult you onto the next energetic level.


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  1. I chose 4 and it is intresting to see how the next few months are gong to pan out! Looking forward to it!

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