Conscious Universe – How we create reality

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” Niels Bohr

Quantum mechanics has proven that thought creates reality. Did you know that an atom does not exist in one place until it is measured? During experiments, if a human observer does not measure the atom, it exists in many places at once. Putting the focus on the atom makes it change the way it behaves and it becomes ‘real’. This is called the observer effect and it a clear illustration of the power of focus and consciousness to create reality. What is astounding is that this is a scientific fact!

I feel this means that we are all creating not only our own reality but the reality of the whole world. What we choose to believe is drawn towards us, what we think and how we feel spreads out and hooks up with other people’s beliefs and feelings. You could say we are in a big shared dream. If you know how to tap into this quantum reality, you can draw to you a whole host of new experiences and start to draw toward you your own dream.

I remember cosmically ordering a positive relationship. I focused on the Universe and thought ‘without doubt there is someone perfect out there who is looking for someone like me exactly as I am whom I can love exactly as they are’. I then sent out a ‘calling signal’.  I put the idea out into the Universe with the intention of hooking up my energy with someone whose energy matched mine, someone on the same vibration. Within a month I met Margi and within a year we were married! We fit and we understand each other on a profound level. See the world and everyone not as separate but as a whole that you are a unique part of.

If there is anything in your life you want to transform, you can do it. You are a unique part of this huge quantum computer called life. You are already plugged into the source and have the ability to change your reality or attract what you need and desire. Like riding a bike, once you do it you will wonder why you initially thought it was hard!

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