21st Century Psychic Skills – Digging For Gold In Cards We Hate

21st Century Psychic Skills

Carrying on in this series of how to use psychic skills in a 21st century way, I wanted to say a bit more about how we can take the Tarot cards that might make us wince when they show up in a spread and use them for transformation.

In my book, using any psychic skill in a 21st century way means applying it to help us step into our power, or shows someone else the path to doing just that.

Using our psychic skills

Here’s how it works.  Every single one of us has a tank of psychic energy that we use to co-create our lives.  But all sorts of things can push us into using that energy unwisely.  Using our psychic skills to actually help us delve into where we are leaking that psychic energy gives us the remedy for stemming the flow.  That means we have more psychic energy to direct at co-creation.

I was actually hugely tempted to call this article ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the five of swords’.  I have to be honest and say that this is one card that makes me think, ‘Oh no!’ so let’s use that!

The traditional meaning of this fabulous card is that someone is up to a bit of skulduggery.  In a psychic reading, it could be the querent, or it could be someone around them.

So what we have here is headline information, and it’s our job to delve beneath.

Psychic intuition

In a psychic reading, it’s really not empowering to put someone in a state of total paranoia by cheerfully announcing that there’s someone around them they can’t trust and leaving it at that.  Send someone off reeling with that information and what you’ve actually done is cast a disempowering spell.  It creates a lens through which they begin to see everyone around them with suspicion.  In turn, that’s going to make them behave in a way that is actually likely to cause disruptions in the best relationships.

It’s far better to use your psychic intuition to get right into the heart of the message, because that’s where the transformational nugget of gold can be found.


To do that, we need to examine the co-creational dynamic of skulduggery, or deception.

If it’s the querent, what in them is making them resort to what kind of deception?

And if it is someone around the querent, what wound in their shadow is making them behave in such a way?

If people are in their power, they don’t usually resort to manipulation, deceit or game playing.  Here, we can use our psychic skills to help the querent wade safely through that particular shadow towards the light.

And if we understand that all relationships are co-created, we can go even further and help the querent explore what in them might be leaving them open to manipulation or deception, or even inviting it in.

That is truly sensitive territory that you don’t want to stomp through. And being able to handle it demands a whole different set of skills.  Because again, the last thing you want to do is give someone the message, ‘Well, yes, someone is out to take you for everything, but it’s because you’re attracting it.  Goodbye and good luck!’

Open eyes

All sorts of things can leave us open.  Over the past year, I’ve had to look at the shadow side of wanting to see the best in people. To the point where I shut my eyes to a bit of skulduggery that was going on without me knowing. The realisation that only seeing the good in people actually had a shadow side was a total revelation. One where the good old five of swords was acting as my psychic sign post to what I needed to look at.

You can use this approach to help you stop worrying and learn to love all of the cards in the major and minor arcana.  If there are any that particularly puzzle you, let me know and I’ll write a special article on it.

Loads of love,

Michele x

3 thoughts on “21st Century Psychic Skills – Digging For Gold In Cards We Hate

  1. I also loved this article. I am sensitive toward the topic, as Ive been working through the magic spells a trickster did on me. Yes, he is insecure gemini and I was “good little girl” that thinks everyone is good.. Errr, nop, not everyone has good intentions. Of course, his wound is deep as his shadow, but what I did was workimg a lot on MY shadow. I got wiser and empowered, although meeting the dark side of human nature is not cup of tea. He was cruel. I got wiser. Okkk!!! Now I want some Trust, Joy and Happiness!!

  2. I love this article as there are so many psychics who solicit their readings irresponsibly. Leaving people (like me) in major states of paranoia for so many years. Especially if you’re really into it. The card that normally terrifies me is of course the tower. I’d love if you could tackle this one as this was normally a sign of major de-stabilising times ahead for me…

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