Creating a Dream Board with Technology

Creating a dream board is another technique used to manifest our desires through the cosmic ordering process.

Dream boards effectively work because they utilize visualization – a powerful tool in manifesting our dreams.

In fact, creating a dream board can galvanize our intentions to such a degree, that seeing our dreams into reality becomes a fluid and natural process with the incorporation of this tool.

The conventional way to create a dream board is by clipping out pictures (from magazines, photos, etc) that spark our joy and align us with our desires.  We then paste these pictures onto a poster board to create a dream collage.  Every time we cast our eyes upon this collage, we concretize the reality of our dreams – bringing our desires into the firmament (thought into matter).

We can do the same thing using technology.

Instead of cutting and pasting photos or magazine images onto poster board, surf the internet (Google image search is great for this) and collect images related to your dreams. Note: only use images for personal use – otherwise you could be infringing on copyrights.

For example, if you’re dreaming of wealth, collect Internet images that ignite a feeling of luxury, security, richness and abundance to you.  Save these images to your hard drive in a specially labeled file created exclusively for your “techno dream board” project.

Go through your own digital images too.  If you are wanting easier relationships and more time with family, collect personal photographs that remind you of happier times and easy communication with friends/family.

When you’ve accumulated all your joyful, positive images into one file, begin the process of creating a dream board for the techno age by assigning your images as a slideshow screensaver.  You can do this on your (PC) by going to the Control Panel, select “Personalize” (Display or Appearance for older versions of Windows).  Select “Screen Saver” and follow the prompts to select your images (from the dream board file folder on your computer) to create a personalized, cosmic order dream board screen saver.

You can do the same thing for your iPod.  Just load your dream board images onto your iPod.  Then, set your iPod photos to shuffle on the screen while you’re listening to uplifting music.  I can tell you from personal experience,  this technique works wonders in actualizing dreams into reality.

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