Quantum Creating at the speed of light

Quantum Creating at the speed of light

When you are totally in the zone, Quantum Creating can happen at the speed of light. Here’s a true story that shows just how quickly it can happen.
I was having a meeting in London and explained to a couple of people how Cosmic Ordering and manifestation worked. They asked me if there was anything I’d like to manifest right then and there. Off the top of my head, I mentioned wanting to meet a celebrity I’d always admired. They gasped and said, ‘But we know her! We can introduce you!’

cosmic entanglementHoly quantum entanglement!

Already laughing in amazement at that incredible coincidence, we went out to catch a cab to our next destination. At one point, the cab stopped at a red light and standing on the pavement by our window was the person I’d mentioned wanting to meet less than an hour earlier! My friend opened the window I met her then and there!

You know what it’s like when you feel like an unstoppable force, when you power through obstacles before they’ve even had time to take shape and when absolutely nothing that happens slows you down for a second.

quantum creating at the speed of lightQuantum creating at the speed of light

The fact is that you can create at the speed of light – but we don’t always want to. We can be slowed down by all sorts of things – by our beliefs and ideas about what’s possible in general, or for us in particular. It can come as a real surprise to know that we can be just as much slowed down by not wanting to get too far away from the happiness we have known in the past!

cosmic ordering universeAlign with your intentions

This might come as just a bit of a shock, but here’s how it works. To be at your most powerful, you have to be totally in alignment with your intention, and attention, going full steam ahead. Having our psychic energy perpetually hauled back to deal with unfinished business can stop the flow.

Buried pain is something that we’re all familiar with. In fact, an entire culture of therapy is built on that idea. But you can be just as distracted and get pulled away from now, your future and what you want to go on and create by being too invested in the  happiness of the past!

Time warp again cosmic ordering‘Lets (not) do the time warp again!’

I’m sure you’ve all known people who seem to have got stuck in a time warp. A friend of mine was very struck by a teacher she had at school. Who never veered from a look that she had clearly arrived at in the sixties, and had stopped right there. It was obvious that the way she did her hair and makeup. The clothes she wore had made her feel beautiful, at the time she first chose them. She probably associated a lot of very happy memories with the whole package that she fondly relived every time she recreated it. No problem with that, apart from it was twenty years on!

illustrates cosmic ordering at the speed of lightThe past was an intoxicating mirror 

The way she looked was a direct physical manifestation of what we can all do, keep going back to when we felt good or had brilliant times. Instead of putting our intention or attention, on what we are creating in the present and for our future. This is why so many people’s lives seem to tail off after a certain age – especially the age at which our culture can tells us that it’s all over.  We are creator Goddesses and time does not need to stop us! Our magic gets stronger over time, it does not need to end!

keep flowing quantum creating womanKeep flowing 🌊

Enjoy all of your good memories by all means, but when you are working with manifestation, know that now is your point of power and trust that the best is yet to come!  Don’t forget Quantum Creating at the speed of light can happen! Here’s some tips to speed things up.

cosmic ordering trainHow To Go Full Steam Ahead!

1/Stalk your thoughts and speech to find out how much time you spend thinking and talking about the past. How much you spend thinking and talking about now and the future. In particular, be alert for energy shifts.

Do you light up when you recall taking the lead in the school play when you were 15? Do you deflate when you think about what’s in your life right now?

2/Sit down and make a list of all of the changes that you’ve made or that have happened in the past five years – everything from moving house, changing jobs, learning new skills or making new friends.

The more you can put on that list, the more you have trained yourself to orient towards the present and future. If it’s totally blank because not one single thing has changed or been added to your life in the past five years, it’s little wonder if you feel a bit stagnant!

3/ Be honest about whether you believe that you’ve already had the best of life, or whether you think the best is yet to come.

4/ Do you have a raft of goals, dreams, and desires that relate to your future? It doesn’t all have to be about traveling around the world. Or giving up working as a dental assistant to train as a chiropractor. It can be as small as a novel you’re looking forward to reading. A film you really want to see or a nearby place you really want to go to and visit. You can make sure your present and future is crammed with goodies of all shapes and sizes that you can’t wait to get to.

Loads of love,
Michele x

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13 thoughts on “Quantum Creating at the speed of light

  1. Thank you! This caught my attention at just the right time (of course). LOVED no 2: list of changes I have made the past 5 yrs. It turns out there’s a LOT! Which opens up the perspective to all I can do in the future. I have a vision that has started to seem almost too big, and unattainable. But this inspired me to keep the vision alive, and go with the flow – and the changes to come.

  2. As inspiring now as you were when I first met you about 30 years ago Michelle! Thank you then in your tiny little room and thank you now for the reminder! I still have my little magic stone with a hole in it from that pretty house we retreated to as a group, with the stream. Nicola xx

  3. I love this article, I thought about making the 5 year list, so much has happened, and then I realised that this is the best time of my life, so with your theory; The changes I made have manifested my present time, there was little room to doubt that change wouldn’t be positive, my intentions were focused, you might think that I made positive changes and that was it, however the changes were a compulsion, as if an exterior force was driving me on. I always wanted a walled garden, my new place is built on an old orchard and has the high walls around it. It is a humble home just right for me. I shifted location and had to change GP practise, the new GP has luckily found an issue that needed addressing. If I had not gone forward, I may not have had any future at all!

  4. Yes yes yes, bring it on. I try to send out the best vibes for all as well as myself but get lost at times too. Thanks for the reminder Sugar.

  5. This has happened to me quite a few times. It’s good to have specific steps to achieve it though, because I have only been able to do it spontaneously without thinking up to now. I am excited to put it into practice, reading The Law of Attraction right now.

  6. I did this when I met Mark (although I didn’t realise it until we spoke)! Driving to a bar I said to a friend, my next boyfriend has to ask me for my number, ring up a day later and have a long fun conversation and then ask me out. Mark was in the bar and it is now 20 years together in August. This positivity does work. Thanks Michele xxx

  7. I loved this article Michele, as I am struggling at the moment!!!
    It has inspired me to put the positive changes I have made on paper and to keep my mind alive about what I am working toward in the future..
    Thank you

    1. Always brilliant, I am definitely putting this into practice. Your work is amazing and I am always in awe. X

  8. I love it because I believe in it! I read the secret a few years ago, and as I read it, I realized I had always lived like that I love that our thoughts can be a reality. Thanks for this message, I needed the reminder this morning. Scorpio deep thinker, dreamer, planner is working on the next plan.

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