Psychic reader Lena

 Michele says

I called Lena when her application came in as I had a sense that she was something special. In her test reading she gave me very specific information about a house move, she described an empty apartment and a Victorian house which was all relevant. I did not speak a word and Lena reeled off all sorts of info. I didn’t hesitate to say welcome aboard!

What people say

  • When Lena and I connected I asked a question the she asked a couple of questions for clarification then off she went talking. The more she talked the more she was connected to the source – and my energy. I could tell she was getting information from my angels – … read more

    - Written by Ann

  • “I have just hung up from a reading with Lena.  She was so spot on about my work situation and in pinpointing issues surrounding colleagues I was gobsmacked. She told me that my base chakra was very engaged and I had been working on this the past 2 weeks!! This … read more

    - Written by Vanessa

  • “Just wanted to say how blown away I was by my reading with Lena. She is incredible. She delivered detailed messages with experiential evidence. She tapped into the energy of each situation with such ease. Lena was able to help me see the bigger picture of my situations and how … read more

    - Written by Khris

  • “My first call with Lena blew me away – she’s so quick to dive in with a general reading and accurate phrasing containing deeper meanings. Since then, I’ve spent hours with Lena, she got my POI like no other reader, picked up the version of him that I get most … read more

    - Written by Danielle

  • “I had a reading with Lena (2344) last night, first reading ever with Lena as she is new and my goodness she absolutely blew me away! She immediately knew why I was ringing and got straight on with it! The connection was strong! I rang up mainly about a house … read more

    - Written by Jane

  • “Absolutely brilliant reading today. I have so enjoyed it and she was spot on with my relationship reading. Very positive and very accurate. I do recommend her. I have had brilliant readings with all your Psychics and value their feedback, and will always use your services. I Love Michele Knight … read more

    - Written by Rachel

  • “Had a great reading with Lena, as I was feeling really shaky and emotional about a work problem. She took the emotion out of the situation and gave me a more positive, grounded, realistic perspective which was invaluable. Hard hitting, direct approach from Lena has paid dividends, thank you so … read more

    - Written by Claudia