Psychic reader Lena

 Michele says

I called Lena when her application came in as I had a sense that she was something special. In her test reading she gave me very specific information about a house move, she described an empty apartment and a Victorian house which was all relevant. I did not speak a word and Lena reeled off all sorts of info. I didn’t hesitate to say welcome aboard!

What people say

  • When Lena and I connected I asked a question the she asked a couple of questions for clarification then off she went talking. The more she talked the more she was connected to the source – and my energy. I could tell she was getting information from my angels – … read more

    - Written by Ann

  • “Had a great reading with Lena, as I was feeling really shaky and emotional about a work problem. She took the emotion out of the situation and gave me a more positive, grounded, realistic perspective which was invaluable. Hard hitting, direct approach from Lena has paid dividends, thank you so … read more

    - Written by Claudia

  • “I had a reading with Lena (2344) last night, first reading ever with Lena as she is new and my goodness she absolutely blew me away! She immediately knew why I was ringing and got straight on with it! The connection was strong! I rang up mainly about a house … read more

    - Written by Jane