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Listen to a telephone Psychic reading

Often people ask me if a phone reading can ever be as good as a face to face reading. Personally I have always felt that it has the potential to be more powerful as you have a direct channel. Your mind cannot get caught up with unconscious visual clues, you just link into the energy […]

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Science and spirituality – Quantum reality

You might be familiar with the idea from quantum mechanics that it’s possible for subatomic particles – the bits that make up everything in the universe, including you – to be in two places at once. But maybe you’ve thought that’s more science fiction than fact, or thought ‘wow!’ and then gone back to worrying […]

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Feng Shui Your Love life – Find Your Romance Hotspot

In Feng Shui, the art of placement, positive energy, or ‘chi’ is encouraged to flow through your home like a gentle breeze. If you have loads of clutter, dingy dark areas or just boring spaces, the energy can become stagnant. If you’re looking for romance you need to take a good hard think about why that romantic energy flow might be blocked.

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Psychic reading do’s and don’ts

Of course it’s important to be specific and detailed when giving a psychic readng. I feel it is equally important to spend time thinking about how we can use psychic skills to transform the life of the person having the reading.

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Is love real?

Scientist doing research funded by the American Physiological Society have recently revealed the aspects of your brain that experience love.

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Tarot Journeying

Tarot Journeying helps us connect with the power or quality in ourselves that is depicted or evoked within each of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck.

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Cosmic ordering or love magic

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t working or someone has left you and you really want them back and find that you just can’t seem to let go, you need to ask yourself – what is your biggest fear? What’s stopping you from actually surrendering and saying “I let this go”? But I want […]

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Star signs and lucky colours

Did you know that each star sign has a colour that it resonates with? This Astro-palette is a useful thing to have handy if you’re thinking of home decoration to suit each sign or signature colours around which to build a wardrobe.

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