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Listen to a telephone Psychic reading

Often people ask me if a phone reading can ever be as good as a face to face reading. Personally I have always felt that it has the potential to be more powerful as you have a direct channel. Your mind cannot get caught up with unconscious visual clues, you just link into the energy […]

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Is love real?

Scientist doing research funded by the American Physiological Society have recently revealed the aspects of your brain that experience love.

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Love Tinted Glasses

Just for today, try to see things from Love tinted glasses. Love is the most powerful response in any situation. If we come from a place of love things change and transform.

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Science and spirituality – Quantum reality

You might be familiar with the idea from quantum mechanics that it’s possible for subatomic particles – the bits that make up everything in the universe, including you – to be in two places at once. But maybe you’ve thought that’s more science fiction than fact, or thought ‘wow!’ and then gone back to worrying […]

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The Movie of your life and how to change reality.

Our thoughts and emotions play out in our mind in an incredibly complex way each day. Our mind is constantly running it’s own ‘movie’ of ideas and imaginings. Move over Spielberg! Whoever you are, you are an extraordinarily skilled and talented movie director but how do you make the most of it?

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Shamanism and Creativity – Part Two

As a writer and former lecturer in both Writing and Creative Thinking I have always been interested in the relationship between mind and spirit. Practicing shamanism has helped focus my interest, partly because the shamanic journey is a ‘narrative’, a story if you like. Shamanic ‘journeying’ can by learned by almost anyone, because, although our […]

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