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Soul Hack To Boost Your Psychic Mojo

Don’t be scared to think out of the box. Sometimes we hold back our originality as we don’t want to rock the boat. Expressing your unique soul is a key to freedom,adventure and your evolution. Be a warrior of love for yourself and take a leap of faith. Shine your original light!

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chakra clearing

Michele’s Guide to Chakras

The Chakras are energy wheels, which spin and vibrate in different areas of our body. When these wheels are tuned and clear we are energised and in harmony. Often these energy centres become blocked or stuck leaving a feeling of being out of sorts or disempowered.

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How to love fearlessly

The Course in Miracles tells us that there are only two emotions in the Universe – love and fear.  Over and over again, when people are struggling with problems related to love, it really does seem to me that fear is at the bottom of it all.  Fear that we are unlovable, fear that there […]

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